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nothing short of a messy morning for one bay area neighborhood after 45,000 gallons of water rushes through and forces a long list of families from their homes and leaves behind a huge mess of mud and muck out there. we will let you know how a mountain top water main broke. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good morning. thank you very much for joining us. i'm jon kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. we begin this morning with the flooding in daly city where the clean up has begun. we have both nbc bay area's christie smith and bob redell redell with us. we start off with christie smith of the details and what happened. any clean up yet, christie? >> reporter: good morning. it has been a morning and a mess here in daly city. there are front loaders and vacuum trucks everywhere trying
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to deal with this mudslide. it started with a water pipe that broke off. i wanted to show you what it has done to the hillside this morning as a section came down bringing trees and debris right into the neighborhood. neighbors say it sounded like a storm. water rushing down the hillside along lusanne avenue carrying debris and trees trapping parked cars. it was just to the left of romero's home. >> i was not aware there was a tank up there. >> reporter: what do you think now that you know what happened? >> i'm guessing, you know, infrastructure might be getting old. >> reporter: the gap in the hillside shows where it came from. there is a 978,000 gallon water tank that was 3/4 full. >> it is an eight-inch cast iron pipe and it sheared off on the
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hillside. we measured about 45,000 gallons of water. we took in the water level before it broke and we isolated it. >> reporter: he said they isolated the shutoff valve within ten minutes, but the damage was done as silt oozed down into the streets. >> we have 12 homes evacuated. we have 40 people impacted from the homes. nobody has gone over to the center, but we have red cross standing by. >> reporter: at daybreak, the clean up started and the public works crews checked the hillside. question is why did it happen? >> we don't know. i think it is a pretty old pipe. i will say age is the most likely cause. >> reporter: there is a park up the street here, hillside park. i took a walk up there and it is covered in mud. i spoke with a park worker. it may take much longer than today to get that back to
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normal. three inches of mud and grass under that. the clean up will be some time. reporting live in daly city, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> what a mess and a scene out there. a dozen families forced out of the streets and bob redell is on scene letting us know how the families are dealing with the mess. >> reporter: the people shutoff from rest of the world by one of the strangest sites. >> what is this? there is no rain. >> reporter: a 2 to 3 foot deep river of mud so deep it needed heavy equipment and stranded residents in homes leaving for awkward conversation with the boss. >> he said what happened. i said i got stuck in the mud. he said what mud? >> reporter: it is not like nick didn't try to drive into his job as a parking attendant. >> i can't tell how deep the mud is. >> reporter: it is just he ended
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up with one of the worst parking jobs every and as well as his neighbor. >> it is best to go to work. >> reporter: you did not realize the mud was that thick in. >> no. >> i tried to go to school today. you know, stuff happens. >> reporter: his car and many others were buried up to the wheel wells when the pipe burst this morning. thankfully the mud did not enter any homes. >> really mad. what can i do? >> reporter: and you are looking live at the intersection that was blocking off the 14 residents and homes. you can see within the past hour, they made quite a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of mud in the road. we would assume it would be done by the end of the day. we are talking about the cars that have mud up to the wheel wells. we counted ten of the cars.
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it is hard to see if the cars have damage. i'm sure the owners hope they will be in for a massive car wash. reporting live in daly city, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> bob, thank you very much. stay with nbc bay area and all day long for the continuing coverage of the flooding. you can find a slide show of the stunning pictures on the web site and facebook pages. we will have the latest on the clean up coming up at the 5:00 and 6:00 newscasts. new this morning, the nine-day strike by ray lee's in knob hill workers is over. they reached an agreement ending the stalemate. the agreement which will not be made public until it is ratified by the union members ends 15 months of negotiations. union will recommend ratification with the members with a future vote. the dispute marked the first
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strike within the 77-year-old company. a san jose family looking for answers after their loved one was shot and killed by palm springs police. he was a young marine and he was just back home from afghanistan. nbc bay area's jean elly has more. >> reporter: the american flag stands in front of the home today. the family is driving to palm strings to learn why the police shot and killed the marine. it happened in a downtown parking garage. police on bikes went to check out loud voices inside the lot. officers say they recognized the marine and his friend from an earlier run in with them, a drunken public incident. they ordered him to stop his car and when he drove off with one officer hanging out of the passenger side window and hit
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another officer, he fired. >> they made the statements from the officers involved and the evidence at the scene. we will have a better determination of what occurred and what led them to use their weapons. >> reporter: his friend was not hurt. police say they found a stolen phone and atm card in the car. he recently returned from a tour in afghanistan. he was based at 29 palms and weeks away from completing his service with the marines. family members say he was looking forward to going to college in the bay area and planned to study sound engineering. they say music was his passion. jean elly, nbc bay area news. he found out to be the multimillion dollar anti-virus company in silicon valley, but this morning, john mcafee is on the run in belize.
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he is a person of interest in the death of his neighbor. he lives next door to mcafee. mcafee called "wired" magazine saying they have a vendetta against him. under no circumstances will i talk to the police in this country. you can say i'm paranoid about it, but they will kill me. there is no question. unrelated to the investigation and before he went on the run, mcafee told a belize tv station he hired personal security for his home. >> i can go out at night. yeah, i hire off-duty officers. who wouldn't in my position? i have an officer living on my compound. it makes me feel safe. >> mcafee was first in trouble with the law in april when the police confiscated guns from his home. a total of four people in
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custody after a shooting in menlo park. the scene leaving neighbors concerned. this happened yesterday before noon. investigators say while making that arrest, they stumbled upon a cache of guns and shell casings. menlo park has been a neighborhood which has experienced an uptick in violence. >> my concern is my family and all of the youngsters that are killing and shooting each other. hopefully that maybe this can all come to an end one day. hopefully soon. >> for the record, nobody died in any of the shootings. investigators are still not clear exactly what triggered the scene. meteorologist christina loren is here with us now looking at the forecast. it is chilly, but a nice day. >> i'm calling it a bay area stunner. pull out your stunner shades.
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sun is out in full force today. taking a live look atop san bruno. there is no fog to be found. that is the case for the next couple of days. temperatures are warming nicely. we're at 63 degrees in livermore. 60 in concord. still holding on to the upper 50s from san francisco to san mateo. you, too, will get close to the 70-degree mark. as we head through the afternoon, you can see the east bay cities will be warmest. plenty of 60s. mild and sunny conditions. the breeze will pick up enough. it will be a nice gentle breeze. you want to hit the patio later on. wednesday, fog-free start. we peak with the temperatures climbing in the mid-70s in some cities. by the end of the week, a lot of rain is on the way to the bay area. every time i check, it raises my concern more. it looks like we will be stuck in the rainy pattern from thursday into tuesday of next week. >> i like the way you paint the picture. the gentle breeze and stunner
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day. >> i learned from the best. >> thanks for the compliment. that's all you. thank you very much, christina. still ahead at 11:00, the scandal that led to the resignation of the cia director is leading the fbi to another official. and how they are making a ton of money off "black ops 2." that is ahead in business news. if you are inching to hit the resorts, inch no more. we will let you know which resorts are opening early.
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nearby villages. if found guilty, the 39-year-old could face the death penalty. the scandal that led to the resignation of general david petraeus. now another general is under scrutiny and the pentagon is combing through thousands of e-mails that they call harmful. tracie potts has the latest on capitol hill. >> reporter: overnight, leon panetta announced john allen is under investigation. the pentagon discovered 20,000 pages of e-mails a senior official called inappropriate between allen and jill kelly. kelly is the woman who felt harassed over the anonymous e-mails later linked to paula broadwell. broadwell and petraeus were found to have an affair.
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and petraeus resigned. >> it is important if you are an official of the cia, you have the personal integrity that comes first and foremost. >> reporter: broadwell talked about working with petraeus in afghanistan. >> i took that seriously. >> reporter: the pentagon won't say what the relationship was with allen and kelly, but he is still on the job for now. in washington preparing for a senate confirmation hearing that has been put on hold. the pentagon has conducted a search of the home. jill kelly's brother took issue with it. >> she took issue with it and she did not realize it would spark a maelstorm. >> reporter: it took several days for the president to learn about petraeus. a senior defense official says allen denies doing anything inappropriate. tracie potts, nbc news,
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washington. thank you very much. the latest strange twist, petraeus actually has a connection to a new video game released early this morning. scott mcgrew is here with that part of the story. >> good morning. the game is called "call of duty black ops 2." as you load this game into your x-box this morning, you are not waiting. you are discovering one of the characters in the game is indeed petraeus. now, there is no indication petraeus actually participated in the making of the game, but he is in there. we have some video here for you from last night. just before midnight, they are counting down. >> three, two, one. >> there they go. the franchises sell billions of dollars worth of products. the last "call of duty" eventually became the best selling object in modern history. we're talking outselling "harry
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potter" and the iphone. lots of people calling in sick this morning to play the latest game, "call of duty black ops 2." >> jon, i'm surprised you did not call in sick. >> i don't play those games. the ski resorts will open early. heavenly will open tomorrow and kirkwood will open tomorrow. the sierra received more than 2 feet of snow. it is looking a lot like christmas. >> feels good. do you ski? >> i do ski. >> i sled. >> i'll push you down the hill. >> i bet you will. christina loren, what does it look like out there, young lady? >> it looks good. especially for the plans you two are making and everybody else, we have a lot more on the way as we get to the end of the week. you want to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts. beautiful day.
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setting up over san jose. we are not at the warmest point. that will occur at 3:00. 69 in san francisco. 67 degrees in gilroy. that is comfortable. winds are coming off shore. they are coming from the east/northeast. moving up as they move from land to sea. that is the warming agent. look at where we're headed. 73 degrees in fairfield. 69 in san jose. 68 in redwood city. high pressure will build in more as we head through tomorrow. we will see peak warmth tomorrow. we will hold on to the 70s on thursday and then look at what happens thursday night. we set the futurecast in motion at 9:00. the first north bay showers. look at this on friday. getting moderate rainfall down in the south bay. i think the south bay will see the most rainfall out of the first system. we stop the clock at 8:00i a.m. getting heavy showers. the showers will continue all
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weekend long and then by monday, just a few light showers, but sticking with that wet pattern through tuesday. i want to remind you it is almost time for the annual holiday food drive. that is this saturday. all of your favorite bay area personalities, i will not say which ones are on the anchor desk right now. we love for you to help out. just $10 gets a bag of food. if you want more information, log to christina loren and marla tellez show up and an onslaught out there. the managers of the year will be announced and the bay area could be the center of the baseball universe all over again. we have the world series title. the giants and a's in the hunt. in the national league, manager bruce bochy getting credit for the playoff run for the giants. the giants taking home a second world title in three years.
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bob melvin taking a team that were counted out of the playoff season and took them to an a.l. west division title. >> i hope bochy will not trade angel pagan. >> you are in love with that guy. >> kind of. coming up on nbc bay area, the school district is getting ready how it deals with sex abuse charges after they were filed by a former student. and black friday may now be too late. why stores are cashing in on turkey thursday and what workers are doing to try to prevent it from happening. [ female announcer ] welcome, one and all,
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or spend $25, and a frozen butterball turkey, just 99 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪ too bad the guys aren't here we're clear. ok, swarm! swarm! hello [ female announcer ] pillsbury chocolate chip cookies. let the making begin happening right now, governor jerry brown is meeting with the csu board to discuss
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new fee proposals. this comes a week after prop 30 over tuition increases. many would charge extra for a csu student who takes more classes than they need. it is to encourage students to graduate on time and make way for incoming freshmen. if approved, the new fees would take effect next fall. the moraga school board is discussing how sex abuse cases are handled in the district. the student safety committee has been working on that policy. board members will discuss the lawsuit filed against that districts by former christine kunaan. tonight's meeting is set to start at 7:00 p.m. at the wauken
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school. woshoppers are getting a ju on black thursday shopping. yes, black thursday. it gives families time to finish the meal and shop and sleep in as opposed to storming malls at dawn on friday. some workers aren't too happy with the idea. they started online petitions pushing for the day off so they can spend time with their families. >> the petitions, they should do more of the frozen turkey bowling. that would be the way to have thanksgiving. when we return, a woman serving some serious shame. an embarrassing sentence for a traffic and safety violation all caught on camera. you do not want to miss this one. [ female announcer ] what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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faster than mandy can hang up on mr. monday. you hang up first. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you've got snack-defying, satisfying totino's pizza rolls. [ ringing ] it's on. let's roll. welcome back. an ohio woman got more than she bargained for after she drove on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus stop sign. >> this is ridiculouridiculous.
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the new twist on the walk of shame. the judge ordering the 32-year-old to stand there for an hour today and tomorrow with a sign that reads, "only an idiot would drive on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus." there it is. >> in september, a school bus driver used his smartphone to capture her driving on the sidewalk. her license is suspended and she paid $200 in court costs. >> putting kids in harm's way. they should tattoo it on her if she does it again. >> thank you for joining us. join us at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> that is extreme. know what i'm saying? what are you doing there?
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